These policies are in effect for all students and parents during their tenure at Ballet Conservatoire XIV.

Rules of Conduct

Be kind to, and respectful of, fellow Ballet Conservatoire XIV students and parents.  Please be welcoming to all new students and parents.

All students and parents accepted to Ballet Conservatoire XIV must act as positive role models to each other.  Gossip, bullying, and “diva” or “stage parent” behavior are not permitted.

Viewing of classes is permitted via the observation windows.  No videos or photographs are allowed during lessons, except those taken by Ballet Conservatoire XIV staff.

Addressing Faculty

Ballet Conservatoire XIV faculty are experts in their field and must be respected as such.  

Students should address faculty members by their preferred title (Mr., Ms., or Mrs.) and their last name (for example, Mr. Nelson).

School Etiquette

Do not distract faculty members between classes.  For dance-related questions, please request an appointment for an in-person consultation.  For all other questions, please send an email to info@ellicottcityballet.com.

Students and parents may not enter the school without a faculty member present.

Street shoes, as well as any dark-soled shoes, are not permitted in studios.

Tuition and Scholarships

Enrollment is a commitment for the full school year.  The first and last installments of tuition (September and June) are charged upon enrollment.  Subsequent installments are charged via autopay on the first of the month from October through May.  If this date falls on a weekend or holiday, payments will be charged the following business day. Late or declined payments incur a fee of $5.00.  No exceptions.

There is a discount for accounts paid in full at the beginning of the year.  See our website for details.

Scholarships are very rarely awarded and are merit based.  Scholarships are valid for one school year only.

Refund Policy

All registration fees are nonrefundable.  Tuition for September through May is nonrefundable except in the event of a major life change such as moving or long-term illness/injury, in which case dancers may receive a refund for classes they have paid for but not yet taken.  Refunds are never granted for weather-related closings or other absences. June tuition must be pre-paid and is nonrefundable under all circumstances. 

Costume payments are nonrefundable.   Performance fees are nonrefundable except in the event of long-term injury or illness. 

Attendance and Make Up Classes

Students are expected to attend all classes in which they are enrolled or to which they are assigned.  Excused absences are granted solely for illness, injury, and major life events. All students are expected to manage their time and complete their homework without missing classes.  

Students may make up missed classes in a level below their own.  To request a make up class, sign in to the Customer Portal, click the Menu button, and select “Request a make up class.”  Extra make up classes may be scheduled for Pre-Ballet and Elementary 1 if possible.  

Students may not attend other dance schools or study with teachers other than Ballet Conservatoire XIV faculty, except for forms of dance that we do not offer.

Students will not be permitted to enter the studio once the class has started; there are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.  When a class ends, students must be picked up immediately.  Students who are left more than 15 minutes after class ends will be billed $1 per minute.

  • Conservatory 3-4:  arrive 30 minutes (20 minutes minimum) before your class begins to allow time to change and warm up for at least 15 minutes prior to class.

  • All others:  arrive at least 15 minutes before your class begins. 

Arriving 5 minutes before your class time is considered to be extremely disrespectful in ballet.  Early arrival implies that you are taking the class seriously enough to ensure that you are fully prepared to give your full attention to the entire lesson.

Parking is not allowed in the Wine Bin lot; please use Lot F and other free public lots along Main Street.

For Conservatory 3-4, attendance at the “From Studio to Stage” Summer Intensive (3 weeks in August) is strongly encouraged.  Reduced tuition rate applies.

See performance-specific attendance policies under “Performances and Examinations.”

Snow Policy

In the event of snow or other inclement weather, please check ellicottcityballet.com/news or call the school voicemail at 410-696-1346.  We will post notice of snow closings as early as possible, no later than the following times:

  • Saturday:  7 am

  • Monday-Friday:  Noon

We will also send a message to your email address(es) on file, and you can sign up to receive text message alerts via the instructions under “Edit account contact info” in the Customer Portal.

Please note that we do not necessarily follow Howard County Public Schools.  If BCXIV is open on a day when HCPS is closed, you will not be penalized if you do not attend.  See the previous section for information on how to make up missed classes.   

Flood Warning Policy

If there is a flood warning for Ellicott City in effect later than 4 pm, (weekdays) or 7:30 am (Saturdays), BCXIV will be closed.  Please check the weather before you leave for class. We will also alert you via email and text message (if applicable).

If a flood warning is placed in effect during classes, BCXIV will close immediately.  Remain near the school if there is any chance of flooding so that you can take your child home quickly.  If a flood develops and you are unable to pick up your child, we will shelter in place at the school and notify both you and emergency personnel of the situation.  


Students must adhere to the Ballet Conservatoire XIV dress code.  There are no alternate versions or approximations of the chosen uniform.  All leotards, tights, and shoes are specific to each level and must be worn in the exact colors, styles, and brands specified.  

Girls’ hair must be worn in a bun, slicked back with absolutely no bangs or wisps.  The bun placement is specific and includes a fine hairnet, pinned securely for a professional look.  Hair ornaments such as scrunchies, flowers, ribbons, snoods, etc. are not permitted. Dancers of color who have textured hair may wear styles specific to their hair type.  Hair must be secured off the face and neck.

How to Style a Ballet Bun

Boys’ hair must be groomed and worn off the face.  Bandanas are not permitted. 

Jewelry, fingernail polish, false nails, and French manicures are not permitted.

Physical Fitness and Injuries

Students who become injured must seek professional medical advice.  Ballet Conservatoire XIV faculty does not give medical advice or assist with the rehabilitation of injuries.  

Students may not take class while injured or ill.  If a student becomes injured or ill during a lesson, the student may not participate in the rest of the lesson.  If a student’s injury is serious enough to affect the standard or pace of the class, the student may be required to take classes at a lower level or withdraw from the school.

Performances, Examinations, Presentations

Participation in the winter and spring concerts, including all rehearsals, is expected of all students.  Students or their parent(s)/guardian(s) must confirm their participation by the start of the Pre-performance Period (see below).  Performance fee applies, refundable in limited circumstances.  Costumes, if required, are purchased separately and are always nonrefundable.

The pre-performance period consists of eight working weeks prior to a performance.  During that time, all rehearsals are mandatory, and dancers may not miss classes or rehearsals for any reason other than illness or injury.  If a dancer is unable to participate in more than three rehearsals, or if the injury/illness occurs within two weeks of a performance, the faculty has sole discretion to decide whether a dancer may perform.  

Dancers are not considered to have attended a rehearsal unless they participate fully (arriving on time, dancing on pointe as required, etc.)

All classes participate in presentations in February.  Presentations are held during regular class times and consist of a ballet class that the students memorize (if age appropriate) and present to an audience consisting of their parents, relatives, and friends.  

Dancers may be invited to participate in American Ballet Theatre National Training Curriculum examinations.  Those who are invited are expected to participate. Examination fees apply, charged by American Ballet Theatre.

Readmission and Withdrawal

Ballet Conservatoire XIV reserves the right to remove from classes any student whose behavior or lack of consistency impedes their progress or that of the class in general, or whose parents’ and/or relatives’ behavior negatively affects the training or staff environment of the school.  Notice of our decision whether or not to readmit a student will be sent in June. Admissions decisions and level placements are final.

Individual Lessons and Student Evaluations

Private coaching is available to enrolled students at a rate of $200 per hour for solo performance coaching.  Otherwise, we do not offer private lessons. Dancers are expected to pay attention and work to the best of their abilities in class.

All students are entitled to an individual, in-person review in November so that they may be aware of their progress.  At least one parent/guardian must be present. Students should work to correct any deficiencies noted as soon as possible.  Students who fail to make sufficient progress may not be readmitted the following school year. 

Letters of Recommendation

Requests for letters of recommendation and other documents required for college applications or auditions must be submitted in writing no later than one month before they are needed.


Ballet Conservatoire XIV faculty may occasionally select students to perform at ballet competitions, but this is unusual and should not be seen as a major goal of training.  Independent entry may be permitted provided that it does not conflict with required school functions or rehearsals, but such decisions are made at the sole discretion of the faculty.

Competition fees must be paid in full upon registering for the competition.  Costumes for competitions must be fully paid for before they may be worn.

Original choreography is the property of the choreographer and may not be performed without permission.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of your personal information is very important to Ballet Conservatoire XIV. We will not sell, rent, or trade your personal information to any third party. We will take special care to protect the privacy and security of your information.

This policy explains our information practices and the way that Ballet Conservatoire XIV collects and uses your information. This Privacy Policy covers the information you provide to us offline and on the Ballet Conservatoire XIV website.

How does Ballet Conservatoire XIV collect and use my information?

When you register for classes at Ballet Conservatoire XIV, we collect contact information such as guardian names, addresses, phone numbers, emergency contacts, and e-mail address, as well as student information such as student names, birthdays, medical conditions, and your comments. Some of the information is required and is noted with a red asterisk on the forms. This information is needed to manage studio business and will not be used or sold for any other purpose except as described below. Some of the information is optional (NOT marked with a red asterisk). Optional information is requested to help us better understand our customers and is used only as needed for studio business. This information will not be used or sold for any other purposes except as described below.

Who has access to my information?

When you register, you are required to enter an email address and a password. The combination of that email account and password is used to ensure that only you have access to, and only you have the ability to modify, your personal information through Ballet Conservatoire XIV's website. Ballet Conservatoire XIV office personnel have access to your personal information only to manage the studio business.

Ballet Conservatoire XIV will access your personal information and/or share it with third parties only for the following purposes: (i) as needed for studio business; (ii) if required to do so by law or to comply with legal process; or (iii) to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of the public.

Security Policy

We use The Studio Director software for registration and payments.  The Studio Director keeps your information secure via the following practices:

Your login, password, and all other information are encrypted using a minimum of 128 bit encryption and secure sockets layer version 3.0. These technologies prevent others from seeing any data that you enter into The Studio Director.

We continually evaluate and incorporate new technology, such as firewalls, virus checkers, encryption, intrusion detection, etc.

Your information is stored and carefully protected on our servers. We work very hard to ensure that no unauthorized access to your data is allowed and have partnered with Rackspace, a recognized leader in the global managed hosting market to manage and secure the web servers.

To further shield and protect your credit card and bank numbers, we do not store any of your credit card or bank numbers ourselves. We have partnered with large, respected merchant gateways. These merchant gateways specialize in keeping your credit card and bank account data secure. If you enter credit card information, that information will be stored on secure systems managed by:

  • WorldPay

  • CyberSource

With emerging compliance standards from different card brands, using these merchant gateways ensures that your payment information is securely stored using the newest data security compliance standards of the major card associations - including SAS, PCI, SDP, and CISP.

We continually monitor our servers for attacks, fraud, and break-in attempts.

Our website will time you out after 20 minutes of inactivity. This reduces the chances that someone could gain access from an unattended computer.