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Tuition 2019-20

Tuition is calculated annually, divided into nine installments.  
There is a discount for accounts paid in full at the beginning of the year, as specified below.
To view full payment terms, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Studio Division

Rates based on 1 class per week unless otherwise specified. Monthly and yearly payment options are available.

Age 3-4: $65/month or $595/year

Elementary 1
Age 4-5: $65/month or $595/year

Elementary 2
Age 5-6: $75/month or $695/year

Elementary 3
Age 6-8: $75/month or $695/year

Intermediate 1
Age 8-10: $75/month or $695/year
Intermediate 1 dancers may take 2 classes per week at a rate of $140/month or $1,295 per year

Conservatory Division

Pre-approved students only. Students must take ALL classes assigned to their level.
Monthly and yearly payment options available.

Conservatory 1
Age 7-9: $150/month or $1,395/year

Conservatory 2
Age 9-11: $195/month or $1,795/year

Conservatory 3
Age 12 and above: $325/month or $2,095

Conservatory 4
Age 13 and above: $450/month or $3,995/year

Ellicott City Ballerina Project
Conservatory 3 and 4 students may join our performing group, the Ellicott City Ballerina Project, at a rate of $75/month. This fee covers rehearsal and costume costs.

Open Classes

Open Advanced Ballet
$20 per class or $180 for a 10-class card. For class details, Click Here.

Payment Terms

The first and last tuition installments are required upon enrollment to hold the student's place. The second installment will then be charged on October 1.

Annual registration fee: $35 per child, or $50 total for families with two or more children enrolled.

Monthly tuition payment is by automatic debit only. Full year payments or other fees can be made via check or credit/debit card. Cash is not accepted.

There is a 5% discount for families with more than one child enrolled, applicable to tuition only.


All registration fees are nonrefundable. Tuition for September through May is nonrefundable except in the event of a major life change such as moving or long-term illness/injury, in which case dancers may receive a refund for classes they have paid for but not yet taken. June tuition must be pre-paid and is nonrefundable in all circumstances.

Costume payments are nonrefundable. Performance fees are nonrefundable except in the event of injury or long-term illness.